Making the Transition to Home Business Owner

I believe that that statistics that are out regarding the high percentage of home businesses that fail are not so much due to the flaws of the business model, but simply that most people who start some type of home business just cannot mentally and emotionally make the change from employee to business owner. This article is going to discuss what some of those mental blocks may be, some ideas to overcome them, and long term strategies for home business ownership.

When I speak of home businesses, let me first define what I mean. A home business is any business that you can successfully operate out of your home. Some examples of this are network marketing, multilevel marketing and affiliate businesses. Also included would be any type of service such as consulting, lawn care, basket making, or any other type of business where you work in an office space and use your home as the base of all operations.

While almost every red-blooded American has said at one time, “I would love to do something like that,” the reality is they have been programmed through 13 years of school, plus college to be an employee, to work in a team, to have meetings, to answer to a boss, to work 9 to 5, to do work for someone else, to be conservative, to not take risks, to be lazy. It is not easy to undo what has been beaten into our heads for so many years. Running your own business from home means doing almost the opposite of everything that was just listed.

The further reality of this is that almost everything listed in the previous paragraph must be turned upside down or you really do not stand a chance. The first step in being successful is that you need reprogramming. You need to fill your mind with books and audios about being an entrepreneur, making it on your own, and motivational material. You will then begin to see everything that was just listed as the wrong way of doing things. You are the boss. There are no sick days. Being an employee is risky. Working 9 to 5 is flawed. Forty hours per week – who came up with that idea anyway?

Once you begin to make that transition mentally, you need to continue to reinforce that with more books and audios. I would even suggest going to a Dani Johnson First Steps to Success weekend. If you do not continue to reinforce the ideas of owning your own business then the old ways of thinking will slowly, or quickly, begin to dominate your thoughts again. You also need to find a couple of people, whether in your city or online to meet with, not so much in a mentor, accountability relationship, but just to play golf with, share a frustration or success with, and just to have the company of like-minded people.

Owning your own business is the dream of most Americans, I truly believe that. However, 97% or more are not equipped to last more than a few months without losing it all. It is not the flaw of the business model, but a failure to overcome the mental and emotional blocks that have been build all throughout your childhood and adult working life. Those who can recognize this and take the steps to getting past this are the ones who move on to their dreams.